Young Birders

A club for teens interested in birding and conservation

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Young Birders

Young Birders brings together teens—rising 8th grade through 12th grade/between the ages of 13-18—who have an interest in birding and conservation. Join us for a fun series of meetings, outdoor activities, and scientific monitoring efforts. Learn about the ecology and conservation of Washington’s birds from experts in the field! Young Birders is a great way for teenagers to explore Northwest ecology, gain naturalist skills, and make a positive contribution to the natural world.


Monthly Meetings are held virtually from October–June on Wednesday nights from 6:00 – 7:15 pm, usually during the first full week of the month. Field Experiences vary in time and location, and are usually held on the third Saturday or Sunday of each month.

To sign up for Young Birders, complete the interest survey, register, and make sure you have a Birds Connect Seattle Rookery or Household membership!

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Additional information on the 2023-24 Young Birders year coming soon!

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Check out our guide to birding trips in Washington for Young Birders and their families by clicking HERE. This guide was kindly created by Master Birder and Birds Connect Seattle volunteer, Carleen Zimmerman.

Check out the Official Washington State Checklist of Birds by clicking HERE. This guide was created by the Washington Ornithological Society


 “I originally joined Young Birders to learn more about birds and to meet other people with the same interests as myself.  So far, I have met both of those goals and much more.  I really enjoy the programs that are offered… The field trips have greatly increased my skills as a bird watcher because it is somewhat hard and bothersome to teach yourself.  With more experienced birders around me, I can learn how to identify birds in a fun and accurate way without fumbling through a field guide.”

“Young Birders is an incredible program. It has changed my life; given me birding friends my own age, a community, experiences that I will remember until I die, opportunities that will help me later in life, and the support I needed to become an avid birder. Thank you Birds Connect Seattle!”

“I love Young Birders because it’s so welcoming to everyone. It doesn’t matter what your relationship to birds is—expert, beginner or anything in between—everyone is willing to help others and learn as much as they can.” -Former member

“Because of the skills I’d gained in Young Birders, I spent my summer thriving on science: analyzing fish samples, compiling data, and assisting in field work…This propelled me to admission with highest honors to my first-choice school, Western Washington University, where I will be pursuing a degree in biology.” -Former member