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Are you a teacher? Scout Leader? Event Coordinator? Birds Connect Seattle education programs can be presented in school classrooms, wherever your youth group meets, and/or in community spaces for private or public events. All of our programs are fun and hands-on, allowing every participant to be active in the learning process. Birds Connect Seattle programs are an excellent complement to school science curriculum or any community event. Programs are adaptable for a variety of groups from young children to seniors, and all bird conservationists in between!


Program Options*

YOUTH Programs (Can be adapted for varying ages and interests)

  • What’s that Bird? A Guide to our Feathered Neighbors (Elementary) – What birds share our city? How are they adapted to make the Seattle area their home? Learn about 8 common neighborhood birds with this interactive presentation.
  • Birds in the Field (All ages) – How do birds interact with their environment? How are humans connected? Go outside and explore birds by visiting their habitats. Recommended for groups of 24 or smaller. (Additional staff are required for groups larger than 24.)
  • Exploring Owls (Elementary) – Owls are popular for a reason! Learn about all their amazing adaptations that make these birds different from others and the things we can all do to protect them.
  • Fledglings and Friends (Pre-K & K)- Best suited for our youngest learners (Pre-K and K,) this program includes a story, a game, and some hands-on experiences with some real-life specimens
  • Birds and People Together (Middle/High School) – What makes birds thrive in the city? Learn about what we can do to make sure we’re sharing our world with our feathered neighbors

ADULT Programs

  • Birds of Seattle – What are the most commonly-seen urban birds? Learn about our feathered neighbors and what you can do to help ensure they continue to thrive in our city!
  • Gardening for Wildlife – Creating Wildlife-Friendly Backyard Habitats
  • Urban Habitats for Birds and People –  How are birds and people connected? What do birds need to thrive in our city? Learn about all of the conservation work Seattle Audubon is doing, and the easy things everyone can do to participate.

*Most programs can be done virtually over Zoom. In-person events are Covid-dependent.

Presentation Cost
Fees offset a portion of the program expenses. Birds Connect Seattle offers partial fee waivers ranging from 25-75% of the total cost if fees are a barrier to participation for any organization or individual.

$75/hour for 1 presenter for 24-30 participants (can vary depending on additional materials costs, etc.)
$45/hour for additional participants/presenters

NOTE: While we will try to accommodate presentation requests whenever possible, there may be times when staff and/or volunteers are unavailable. Please be flexible with scheduling your program.

To request a speaker for one of the programs listed above, complete our Speaker Request Form

Questions: Email Hanae Bettencourt, Education Manager

A Black woman in a green jacket sits behind a table. She holds out a museum specimen of a bird for a group of young people to see.


Invite Seattle Audubon to table at your community event! Our knowledgeable team of volunteers is always eager to teach about birds in the Seattle area, the importance of preserving bird habitats in and around the city, and offer tips on improving backyard bird habitats. We bring reading materials appropriate for each event, and a collection of our bird specimens for up-close learning. Past events we’ve attended include neighborhood green space celebrations, neighborhood environmental events, Earth Day collaborations, etc.

To request a Seattle Audubon table at your event, contact Wendy Walker, Community Engagement Manager, at wendyw@seattleaudubon.org.

Seattle Audubon’s participation at any event is subject to volunteer availability and limited to Seattle Audubon’s geographic service area.