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Our Online Guide to the Birds of Washington State

BirdWeb is an unrivaled online guide to the birds of Washington State.  The description of each of Washington’s regularly occurring species is packed with information on natural history, seasonal distribution and abundance, behavior, diet, breeding, and conservation status. There are also helpful distribution maps, brief accounts of rarities, photographs and sounds!

Boasting an upgraded graphic design and functionality, BirdWeb includes detailed descriptions of the ten ecoregions of Washington with representative birding sites.  Want to learn more about your favorite bird?  Want to learn about the habitat of Washington State?  Want to find a good birding site for this weekend?  Go to BirdWeb to find out why this is such a well-used resource, by birders both novice and expert.

Bird Facts

Birds Connect Seattle provides bird facts and other information as a resource to help you better understand our urban birds and problem solve when we come into conflict with them.