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Form 990, Fiscal Year 2021-22: Download PDF
Form 990, Fiscal Year 2020-21: Download PDF
Form 990, Fiscal Year 2019-20: Download PDF
Form 990, Fiscal Year 2018-19:
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Form 990, Fiscal Year 2017-18: Download PDF
Form 990, Fiscal Year 2016-17: Download PDF

Birds Connect Seattle is an independent, nonprofit organization that relies on funding from a variety of sources to succeed at its mission — individual gifts, memberships, grants, investment income, and earned income such as class and Nature Camp registrations and proceeds from The Nature Shop. It is with gratitude and genuine appreciation that we accept the contributions of time and funds from our community to deliver on the mission. We maintain thorough investment, financial management, and annual audit policies and procedures. We do this both for our own sustainability and to reassure you, our donors, that we honor and responsibility apply your gifts in keeping with standard best management practices. Thank you! Complete financial statements are available upon request.