Fledglings and Friends: A Preschool Story Time

Dedicated to the youngest bird and nature enthusiasts in our community, Fledglings and Friends Story Time offers children ages 2-5 an opportunity to hear stories about birds and nature, do fun crafts, explore the outdoors, and just have fun! Each story time has a different theme around which all activities are centered.

Dark-eyed Junco / Mick Thompson / Eastside Audubon Society

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Fledgling and Friends Story Time in the Nature Shop

Fledglings and Friends Story times are back! We will be offering free sessions in the Birds Connect Seattle Nature Shop weekly, on Wednesdays, starting July 12 through August 16! All story times begin at 10:30am and are best for children aged 2-5. Come join us for fun nature stories, arts and crafts, and outside exploration!


Fledglings and Friends On-Location

Want Fledglings and Friends at your preschool? Birds Connect Seattle is now offering Fledglings and Friends Story Times at local preschools! We are happy to come to your classroom with stories and activities in a variety of topics. Story times can also be combined with a one-week rental of our Fledglings education kit for a well-rounded bird themed unit for your students.

Watch previous story time videos below!

February 17, 2021: Robins (Watch the Video)

Nothing says springtime is coming than the lovely “cheerily, cheer-up, cheerio!” call of an American Robin. For this month’s story time, we will read a book about our orange-breasted friends, make and play a robin feeding game, and sing a song about a saucy robin! (Materials needed for project: empty egg carton, brown and orange paint or markers, yellow construction paper, glue, and pipe cleaners or little twigs)

January 20, 2021: Trees (Watch the Video)

Trees are one of the most important habitat elements for many creatures in the Pacific Northwest, from birds, to mammals, to insects. This month, we will create trees of our own, read a tree poem, and go on a habitat hunt to find evidence of creatures using trees for shelter, to find food, or as a place to live!

December 16, 2020: Ducks (Watch the Video)

Winter is the time of ducks. If there’s water, there’s sure to be a duck swimming in it. For this month’s story time, we will learn about a few different duck species that can be found in our local ponds, read a book about a special duck, create some duck finger puppets, and then sing a song with them!

November 18, 2020: Fall Leaves (Watch the Video)

The beauty of the fall is in all the leaves that are falling from the trees. We’ll read a story about a leaf that isn’t quite ready for fall, make a fall leaf rainbow, and do some paintings with collected leaves. Then, we’ll go outside to explore and answer the question: who lives in the leaves?

October 21, 2020: Owls (Watch the Video!)

The days are getting shorter, the leaves are starting to fall, and there’s a feeling of spookiness in the air. What a great time to talk about owls! For this month’s story time, we will read a story about a little lost owl, learn about different owl species, and then create owls from toilet paper tubes. (Materials needed for project: TP tube, construction paper, glue, and coloring utensils.)

September 16, 2020: Bird Beaks (Watch the video!)

Birds’ beaks are one of their most important tool. They eat with them, build nests with them, and take care of their feathers with them. A bird’s beak is as important to them as our hands are to us! This month, we’ll take a closer look at this important tool by observing how different beaks are shaped, create a bird beak craft, and practice eating with different tools. Best for ages 2-5, but all are welcome!

August 19, 2020: Spiders (Watch the video!)

It’s spider season in the Pacific Northwest, so let’s go outside and observe these super cool creatures. Did you know that different spiders build different types of webs? We’ll go an a web hunt, observe some interesting spider behaviors, create our own spiders out of pipe cleaners and egg cartons, and read a story about a spider with some amazing weaving skills.

July 15, 2020: Camouflage (watch the video!)

Camouflage is a secret power that a lot of animals have to help them survive in their habitat. This power allows animals like birds blend in with their surroundings so they aren’t seen by predators, or so they can more easily hunt. For this month’s story time, we will play a camouflage game, create some camouflage art and read a story about two little birds playing hide and seek. This book will be read in both Japanese and English!

June 17, 2020: Colorful Flowers (Watch the video!)

There are so may colorful flowers to see outside so we’re dedicating a story time to them! We’ll read books about flowers, create a flower wreath to hang on your door, and create a flower rainbow!

Craft activity materials list: a couple of empty egg cartons, paint or markers, glue, a large piece of cardboard (sized at least 12in x12in,) and a piece of string.

May 20, 2020: Bird Nests (Link to video here!)

Springtime at home means lots of people are noticing the bird activity in their yards and neighborhoods. Have you seen birds with nesting materials in their beak? Maybe you’ve even found a bird nest in your yard. We’ll read stories about how different birds build their nests, build a bird nest of our own, and learn what each of us can do to protect birds during nesting season.

Craft Activity mterials list: Paper lunch bag and a collection of found nesting material from your yard or neighborhood. (That’s it!)

Fledglings and Friends Field Trips

Join Birds Connect Seattle in the Magnuson Children’s Garden (at Magnuson Park next to the community p-patch) for some outdoor exploration! Education staff will lead activities exploring elements of the garden for up to an hour-long field trip. Possible activities may include observing critters in the worm bin, going on a detective hike to discover what animals can be found in the art installations in the garden, and of course, a bird scavenger hunt!

Tiny Birders

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We’ll come to you!

To request a Fledglings and Friends story time at your school or to schedule a field trip to the garden, download and fill out our request form. For questions and more info, please contact Hanae Bettencourt, Education Manager, at hanaeb@birdsconnectsea.org. (All in-person classroom visits will resume January 2022.) Presentation Fee: $45 per class.

We now have summer Nature Camp session for Fledglings! Click here for more info.