Since the earliest times of humans, birds have served as a source of inspiration. They leave us in awe of their colorful plumage and melodic song, and create a sense of wonder through their effortless ability to take flight. In this issue of EarthCare Northwest, we’ve explored some of the ways that birds provide inspiration for literature, visual art, and aviation. Birds provide a source of curiosity and intrigue, which aids us in our ability to expand our community of bird advocates. 

Exploring Nature Through Art

An Expansion of Nature Camp

This summer, Nature Camp offered four week-long sessions devoted to visual art expression for our campers. With guidance from a member and our Camp Naturalists, the campers experienced a week filled with creativity in various art media. 

It’s a Bird. It’s a Plane.

Aviation Designs Inspired by Birds

The skies have always captured the human imagination, inspiring dreams of flight and exploration. But long before humans took to the skies, birds had already mastered the art and science of flight.

Stories Behind the Quill

Book Summaries

Autumn is always a great time to cozy up with a book. Select your next great read using these book reviews by member Grace Rajendran, all of which share the common inspiration—birds.

Curiosity and Interest

Bringing New People into the Flock

At the heart of our mission at Birds Connect Seattle is a commitment to bridging the gap between bird appreciation and conservation. Our outreach staff and volunteers are out in the community sparking curiosity and inspiration, and opening doors to fresh perspectives and diverse viewpoints.



For those looking for a bird learning challenge, this will fit the bill. Bird University (formerly Master Birder) classes will be grouped into units structured around Washington’s distinct ecoregions and the birds that inhabit them. Offered via a hybrid of online and asynchronous learning, in addition to small-group study time and field instruction, this is a great way to dive deep.

We expect modules to begin late fall 2023. Offerings will be listed on our Classes page and our Calendar, and more information is available on the FAQ sheet


This Bird-Safe Seattle Week is taking place from September 17 through September 23. We’re celebrating birds and encouraging everyone to act to make our neighborhoods safer for the urban wildlife we share our city with. There’s something for everyone with this year’s events, from a street tree walk to bird trivia to a bird-window collision prevention workshop.

Visit our calendar for Bird-Safe Seattle Week programming.

Membership Matters

Gifts from our members make all of the stoires in this issue of EarthCare Northwest posible and fuel our mission throughout the year. Become a member or renew your support today!

Image credits: Common Raven by Andrew Lunt, Audubon Photography Awards | Nature campers by Carol Roll, Birds Connect Seattle | Chestnut-breasted Coronet Hummingbird by Dr. Ferry, Getty Images | Nature Shop books by Carol Roll | Summer at SAM event by Glenn Nelson, Birds Connect Seattle | Red-tailed Hawk by Randy Richard, Audubon Photography Awards