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Thank you, bird heroes!

Donors, members, volunteers, partners, and staff play a tremendous role in furthering our mission to advocate and organize for cities where people and birds thrive. We appreciate their generosity and investment to protect birds and habitat here in the Pacific Northwest.



Hanae Bettencourt, Education Manager 
Claire Catania, Executive Director 
Anna Dukes, Member Services Assistant 
Michelle Flowers, Nature Shop Retail Coordinator & Optics Specialist 
Mechio Hardeman, Nature Shop Retail Manager 
Sandy Hattan, Nature Shop Retail Coordinator & Optics Specialist 
Kate Lanier, Urban Environmental Educator, AmeriCorps Service Member 
Joshua Morris, Urban Conservation Manager 
Glenn Nelson, Community Director 
Carol Roll, Development Director 
Christine Scheele, Program Director / Senior Education Manager 
Sonora Troger, Operations Manager 
Wendy Walker, Community Engagement Manager 


Katie Amrhein-Dang, Vice President 
Chrys Bertolotto 
Anthony Floyd 
Andres Hiltbrunner 
Megan Ko, Treasurer 
Catherine Maxson, Secretary 
Jill Naas-Blackburn 
Grace Rajendran 
Andrew Schepers, President 
Amanda Virbitsky 
Sharon Wada 


      Our committees play a vital role in ensuring Seattle Audubon has the strategic direction and necessary resources to create a sustainable community. We are grateful for these volunteer’s expertise and focus ranging from policy/legal, marketing, management, planning, communications, and community engagement to ensuring financial stability of the organization.


      Classes Committee

      Athena Gilbert-McDaniels
      Dick Holcomb
      Jen Kunitsugu
      Dan McDougall-Treacy
      Alexandra Pearson
      Maureen Traxler

      Communications Committee
      Susan McLaren (Chair)
      Jeremy Schwartz

      Conservation Committee
      Martha Baskin
      Deb Heiden (Chair)
      Emily Knudsen
      Kersti Muul
      Kim McCormick
      Stuart Niven
      Katie Remine
      Sandy Shettler
      Connie Sidles
      Jean Trent

      Development Committee
      Brooke Mallory

      Equity & Justice Committee
      Grace Rajendran (Chair)
      Tammy VuPham

      Facilities Committee
      Shannon Bailey
      Van Bobbit

      Jill Ericcson
      Anthony Floyd (Chair)
      Richard Youel

      Field Trips & Outings Committee
      Beverly Bowe
      Jennifer Kunitsugu
      Tiffany Linbo
      Phyllis Moss
      Cynthia Putnam

      Finance Committee
      Dan Cunningham
      Andres Hiltbrunner
      Megan Ko (Chair)
      Susan Marks
      Ryan Mitchel
      Jill Naas-Blackburn

      Governance Committee (Board)
      Andrew Schepers, President
      Katie Amrhein-Dang, Vice President
      Catherine Maxson, Secretary
      Megan Ko, Treasurer

      NextGen Advisory Council
      Hannah Bleeker 
      Patrick Claussen 
      Brett Eaton 
      Julie Henling 
      Emily Sellinger 
      Anna Vallery 
      Amanda (Virb) Virbitsky (Chair) 
      Tammy VuPham 
      Suzannah Yu 

      Science Committee

      Chrys Bertolotto
      Anthony Floyd
      Maya Groner
      Peter Hodum (Chair)
      Jack DeLap

      Strategic Planning Committee
      Andres Hiltbrunner (Chair)


      Seattle Audubon was founded in 1916 with just over 100 members. Today, we have grown to a community of more than 4,200 individuals dedicated to the protection of birds and habitat in our local area. Membership dues play an important role in providing organizational resources so Seattle Audubon can advocate and organize for cities where people and birds thrive.


      Chris Altwegg and Ellen Blackstone
      Joyce Bamberger and Dan Hensley
      Diane and Lee Barnes
      Sheila Bishop
      Peter Briglia
      Jill Chelimer and Dan Johnson
      Rashmi, Rohan and Gagan Chopra
      Todd Cleland
      Terri Conner
      Catherine Conolly and Rodney Brown
      Jerry Davis
      Virginia Davison
      Diane Doles and Jonathan Cooper
      John and Misty Doty
      Brett Eaton
      Neil Ericsson and Karen Florini
      Jill Ericsson
      Birte and James Falconer
      Mark and Willow Follett
      Anne and Jon Fox
      Beth Glosten
      Mark Groudine and Cynthia Putnam
      Lindsay Halm and Nathaniel Buck
      Lenore Hanauer
      Judith Hance
      Jane Hedberg
      Jon Hoekstra and Jen Steele
      William Horder
      Alan Humphrey and Eleanor Boba
      Larry and Lani Johnson

      Richard Johnson
      Laura Melinda and Bruce Jones
      Majorie Jones
      Babs Klee
      Paul and Kathy Lantz
      Robert Leach and Catherine Otto
      Candis Litsey and Edward Young
      David Longmuir
      Diana, Emily and Michael Louden
      Susan Marks
      Douglas Marshall
      Frederick and Anne Matsen
      Jennifer Mckeirnan
      Sandra Moss
      Suanne and Wesley Nagata
      Jerry and Whitney Neufeld-Kaiser
      Barbara Petersen
      Mary Pigott
      Barbara Pritchard
      Allyn and William Rathman
      Thomas Riley
      Judith Roan
      Randon Robinson
      Thomas Rohrer and Valerie Weber
      Frances Rondestvedt
      John and Ellie Roser
      David Rothrock and Kirsten Johnson
      Janice Rudnitski
      Gary Rygmyr
      Laura Saunders
      Andrew Schepers
      Robin Shapiro and Doug Plummer
      Kenton Slaven
      Lynne Smith
      Meir Stampfer
      Kimberle Stark
      Russell and Elsa Steele
      Atul and Birage Tandon
      Allen Taylor and Anne-Marie Freudenthal
      Randal Ternes
      Mary Anne Thorbeck
      Keith and Winifred Unterschute
      Sharon Wada
      Christine, Bryan and Alexandra White
      Shannon Wilson and Mitchell Johnson
      Alison Wysong and Christine Mahoney
      Carleen and Neil Zimmerman
      Vera Zimmerman


      American Goldfinch - Ronda Miller


      Alexia Allen
      Katie Amrhein-Dang and Peter Dang
      Bernetta Avery-Denyse
      Shannon and Kirk Bailey
      Craig Bartholomew
      Richard and Eleanore Baxendale
      James and Jessica Beattie
      Linda Becker and Peter Costantini
      Lynn and Malcolm Best
      Sarah and Alan Black
      Mary Bond and André Wilson
      Holly Boone
      Randall Brook and Melanie Rowland
      James Brooks and Lois Mustonen
      Sylvia Burges
      Kelley Carnwath
      Thomas and Heather Catania
      Elaine Chuang
      Katelin Crute
      Joyce and Al Ferkovich
      David and Pam Forbush
      Veronica Freitas
      William French
      Annica and Drew Garfield
      Vanessa Gemmell
      Alan Greenbaum and Laura Thorne
      Deborah and Mark Hamby
      Ryan Hess
      Betty Heycke
      Lisa Holman
      Carolyn Holtzen
      Sharon Howard
      Fe-Ling Kao
      Frederick Klein

      Lucy Lauterbach and Paul Tanaka
      Polly Lenssen
      John Lewis and Gloria Nagler
      Dennis Lund and Martha Taylor
      Gwendolyn Lundberg and David Aggerholm
      Marge MansfieldCatherine and Lucinda Maxson and Greta and Greg Lewis
      Kate and Caitlin Mccarey
      Jennifer and Mark Mcdonald
      Colene Mckee and William Denzel
      Ryan and Evie Merrill
      Sandy and Gregory Miller
      Virgina Murphy
      Jill Naas-Blackburn and Mark Blackburn
      David and Laura Nicol
      Patricia Oelwein
      Carole Packard
      Cecilia Paul and Harry Reinert
      Nancy Pearson and Roland Yancey
      Susan and Jerry Posten
      Ellen Proctor
      John and Suzanne Rahn
      Fenella Raymond
      Francis Rekasis and Lisa Wolfard
      Karen and Kenyon Roll
      Patricia and John Rose
      Jo Anne Rudo
      Carole E Rush and Richard Andler
      Harvey Sadis and Harriett Cody
      Cassandra Sandkam and Anthony Catanzaro
      Doug Santoni and Robert Wilkerson
      Caryn and Gene Schutzler
      Jean Schweitzer
      Sandy and Cliff Shettler
      Julie and Samuel Smith
      Zachary Stednick
      Robert and Ethel Story
      Patricia Tall-Takacs and Gary Takacs
      Ngaire Taylor
      Anne Thomas
      Jean Trent
      Amanda Virbitsky and Orly Stampfer
      Tammy Vupham
      Vera Wellner
      Mary and Don Wells
      Kate and Albert Werner
      Tom and Ruth Williamson-Kirkland
      Matt Wittman
      Fritz Wollett
      Jim and Jackie Wrycha
      Anonymous (2)

      American Goldfinch - Ronda Miller


      Harry Abernathy
      Richard and Melissa Albrecht
      Tinya Anderson
      Deborah and James Andrews
      Sharon Baker
      Van Barker
      Christopher Barnes
      Ellen Bates
      Joanne Berwick and James Degel
      Mary Bicknell
      Nancy and Stephen Bissell
      Erik Bolton
      Robert Bowman
      Shary Bozied
      Laura Brou and Jeff Butisbauch
      Frank and Laurie Brown
      Frederick, Jane, Emily and Jack Buckner
      Jennifer Bundy and Marilyn Gregory
      Claire Catania, Adam Lucke and Edith Catania
      Marjorie Chadsey
      Teresa Chilelli White
      Meitsu Chuang-Mendel
      Shirley and Robert Clark
      Else and Leonard Cobb
      Pam Cochran
      Valery Cochran
      Candace Coe
      Pat Collier
      Jennifer and Scott Cunningham
      Steve Dang
      Jennifer Davis
      Mary Deyoung
      Christine Disteche
      Jean and Larry Doering
      Terry Donaghe
      Mary Doubleday
      Lavinia and Ray Downs
      Phyllis and Roland Dukes
      Dianne and Rick Edmonds
      Sharon Ellard and Tom Merritt
      Maureen E Ellis
      Wendy Ellison
      Stephen Elston
      Lynda Emel
      Joel Erlitz
      Jane and Stanley Fields
      Anthony, Cora and Siri Floyd
      Jack Force
      Marlene and David Foster
      Joyce Fowler
      Cory Gillespie
      Susan Griffith and Drew Fillipo
      Nancy Grout
      Heather Grube
      Susan Hamilton and Timothy Bates
      Julia Hansbrough
      Fred Hanson
      Anne Hay and John Leigh
      Rick Hemmen and Barbara Downward
      Jorja and Steven Henikoff
      Donald and Lisa Immerwahr
      Andrew Jacobson, Lorinda Soma and Giusseppe Cavaradossi

      Deborah Jensen
      Susan Karjian
      Victoria and James King
      Eric, Alannah and Damien Laret
      Nanette and John Latham
      Peggy and Ron Levin
      Andre Lochin
      Emily Lui
      Sheila Lukehart
      Julie, Matt, Max and Lila Luthy
      Roger Macpherson
      Cricket and Thomas Markl
      Richard T Marks and Spring Zoog
      John Martin and Raelene Gold
      Anne Maxson
      Andrew Mccormick and Carol Carlson-Ray
      Danny Mcgregor
      Bill Mcjohn
      Laurence Mcnutt
      Joan Metzger
      Jane Meyerding
      Brian Michalowski
      Anne Michelson
      Joan Miller
      Ronda and Brad Miller
      Jean Moore
      Robert Morgan and Lynn Graves
      Phyllis MossLinda and Jaime Mullen
      Marcia Mullins
      Theresa Naujack
      Berl and Karen Nussbaum
      Paul E Oker
      Roger Olstad
      Kathleen O’Neill and Tom Leschine
      Matthew Oostman
      Joan Ostendorff
      Siddhi Parekh
      Sarah Patterson
      Louise Pietrafesa
      Gloria and Steven Pumphrey
      John, Stephanie, and Alexander Raffetto
      James Richardson
      Carol Roll and John Richer
      Frederic Rowley and Peggy Peterson
      Karen Ruppert
      Randy Rush and Mary Mason
      Michael Ryan and Joe and Josian Monteil
      Julia Sarkissian and Ron Stanke
      Susan and Robert Schroeter-Stokes
      Gary and Judie Schweikhardt
      Noah and Kate Scooler
      Julia Sennewald
      William Shain and Kathleen Weber
      Hildie Sheftel
      James Sherwood
      Hye-In Shim and Yoon and Sungsoo Lee
      John Silber
      Russ and Doreen Snow
      John Spoden
      Patricia, Alex and Howard Stambor
      Marianne Stecher
      Ben Stephens
      Hallie Stevens
      Annette Strand
      Steve and Liann Sundquist
      Thomas and Deborah Tokarz
      Sandra and Richard Tomlinson
      Joan Tupper
      Jocelyn Ungar
      Phoebe Warren
      Bill Way and Erica Tiedemann
      Thomas and Kristi Weir
      Kelly White
      Susan and Bill Wilder
      Joeve and Porter Wilkinson
      Nancy Wilson
      Cara Winter and Joe Kirsch
      Sandra Woods
      Karen Wosilait
      Sarah Yeager
      Richard and Connie Youel
      Koji and Luke Yugawa and Amanda Cohn
      Anonymous (6)

      American Goldfinch - Ronda Miller


      Page Abrahamson
      Collin Adams
      Peter Aiau and Susan Ormbrek
      Kia Akada
      Gail and Bob Alexander
      Susan Allan
      Adrianne Allen and Martin Shorb
      Nick Allison
      Karen Allman and Elizabeth Mueller Wales
      Staci Amburgey
      Joan Andersen and John Owen
      Nancy and Charles Anderson and Rebecca Owens
      Delaney Anderson
      Elizabeth Anderson
      Janice and Victor Anderson
      Marvin and Suzanne Anderson
      Todd Andritsch
      Robert and Joanne Asanoma
      Beatrice Ashburn
      Mary Ashworth
      Jean-Loup and Diane Baer
      Stuart Baker
      Louise Baldwin
      Barbara Banks
      William A Banks
      Donna Barker
      Hilary Barnes
      Rebecca Barnett and Roger Tucker
      Darcy Barry
      Sara Baskett
      David Batchelder and Colleen and Mary C. Mcshane
      Diane Bates
      Dave Baugh
      Nate Baum
      Michael Bauman
      Jonathan Beard and Grace Nordhoff
      Frank Beck
      Laurie Beden
      Joanna Beitel
      Julia Bent
      Jane Bergerson
      Koren Berggren
      Margaret Bergmann-Ness and Alan Ness
      Erik Berkule
      Chrys Bertolotto
      Hanae Bettencourt and Shawn, Eddy and Luca Lackman
      Jack and Deborah Bilan
      Lori Birtley
      Christopher Blackmore
      Eric Blazevic
      Eileen Bleeker
      Bill Blodgett
      Rick, Elizabeth and Karen Blonden
      Tiffany Bode
      Kathleen Bogue
      John Bolton
      Gail Bonhoff-Hlavacek and William and Kaia Hlavacek
      Karen Borell and Barbara Stein
      Cecelia Boulais
      Margaret Bovingdon and James Moran
      Michael Boykin
      Melissa Brady
      Jan Bragg and Robert Kirby
      Gary Breidenstein
      Kay Bridenbaugh
      Gregory Brigance
      Jonathan Britell
      Jennifer Britt
      Gretchen and Allan Brookes
      Adelaide Brooks and Robert Pennell
      Mamie Brouwer
      Sharon Brown and James Hadlock
      Debra and Michael Brown
      Lora Brown
      Morry and Wanda Browne
      Mary Brucker
      Sally Brunette
      Steven Buck and Jeanette Norris
      Terese Bullen
      Cinny and Jack Burrell
      Ranan Burstein
      Rob Bush
      Richard and Marilyn Busher
      Charlotte and Bill Byers
      Chip Byrne
      Sesh C
      Larry Cagle
      Lissa Capps
      Diana Carey
      James Carlin
      Jan Carline and Carol Sue Ivory-Carline
      Sue and Stan Carlson
      Linda Carroll
      Katherine Carson and Michael Healy
      Stephen Carstens
      Jeannine Carter
      Robert and Mary Casey
      Paul and Leslie Castonguay
      Frederick Cathey and Leah Soltar
      Carl and Terry Chadsey
      Anne and John Chafee, Jr.
      Shawn Chambless
      Ruth Chandler
      Carol Charles
      Denis Charles
      Suzanne and Nick Charles
      Jane Chateaubriand
      Debra Ching
      Hoang-My and Per Christensen
      Frances Chu and Tim and Vera Franklin
      Candice Cihon
      Patricia Cirone
      Sandra and Daniel Ciske
      Geoffrey and Sara Clark
      Judith and John Clark
      Marianna Clark
      Steven Clark
      Colin Clauset
      Ryan Clay
      Timothy Clifford
      Betty Cobel
      Henry Cody and Karen Johnson
      Amber Coffman and Ryan Fox
      Richard Cohan and Nancy Jones
      Lori Cohen and Woody Wheeler
      Satah Cole
      Mary-Louise and R. Bruce Colwell
      Peggy Confer
      Sue and Robert Connell
      Carl Cook
      Dave Cook
      Ellen Cooper
      Tim Copes
      Chris and Lori Cora
      Marc Cordova
      Neil Corkum
      Marilee Cosgrove
      Karen Costarella
      Catherine Costello
      Grace Cowen
      Bailey Craig
      Kristin Cramer-Rich and Tim Rich
      Chloe Crandall
      Lorilee and Mark Crawford
      Robert Crew
      Eric Crockett
      Carla Curio
      Deborah Dain and James Owens
      Nicole Dansereau
      David Darr and Pascale Lelong
      John and Elizabeth Darrah
      Stephen Dart and Lisa Bauer
      Charles Davis and Nancy Stevens
      Judy Davison
      Dana Davoli
      Ed Deal and Geraldine Chambers
      Jeff and Laurie Deam
      Christopher Degracia
      Holly Delaney
      Kate Delaney
      Michell Delappe
      Karen Delucas
      Tanya Demarsh-Dodson and Al Dodson
      Betsy Dennis
      Nicole Denny
      Maria and Ed Desouza
      Paul Detmer and Kathleen Roach
      Manasi Deval
      David and Helen Dichek
      Theodore Dietz
      Jana Dilley and Gwen Dillstrom
      John Dixon and Noriko Riggleman
      Elizabetth and Pat Dodds
      Stephanie Donahue
      David Doneux and Ruth Ann Pennell
      Tom Dorrance and Karin Frey
      Patricia Dougherty and Milton Won
      Shannon Down
      Heather Downey
      Lori Dugdale
      Beth Duncan
      Jim Dunlap
      Yarrow Durbin and Stephanie Van Dyke
      Jim Dwight
      Pamela and Kenneth Eakes
      Dianne Ebsworth
      Bronwyn and Louie Echols
      Tracie Edelson
      Megan and Kyle Elfman
      Diane Elliott
      Janey Elliott
      Elizabeth and Steve Ellmann
      Mary Elting
      Gail Engler
      Yong Eom
      Ava Erickson and Rainer and River Erickson-Hahn
      Tamsin Erickson
      Kathryn Ertel and Robert Goddard
      Ann and David Eschenbach
      Erin Estep
      Lukas and Matt Evans
      Shelley Evans
      Susan Ewens
      Carol Fahrenbruch and James Pridgeon
      Linda Falconer
      Giselle and Tzuria Falkenberg and Naphtali and Rockwell Moulton
      Kathryn Fantasia and Zane Weaver
      Sheri Ferguson
      Marjorie and Richard Fiddler
      Jay Field and Deborah Dwyer
      Judith Finn
      Sondra Firestein
      Sharon Fisher
      Chuck Flaherty
      Catherine Floit
      Joanne Foster
      Gail Fox
      Laura and Mike Fox
      Richard and Mary Frank
      Hilary Freed
      Elizabeth Fulwiler
      M Judith Furukawa
      Thomas and Mary Gable
      Dave and Mary Sue Galvin
      Phillip Garfin
      Michael Garner
      Rachel Garson and Mike Storie
      Mary Jane Gasdick and William Sobieralski
      Norman Gawley-Arnett and Patricia Gawley
      Charlene Gearhart
      Cynthia Geddes
      Carole Gibb
      Vickie Gibbs
      Michael Gies
      Karen Gilles and Dave Maack
      Ellen Gillette
      Maren Gilliland
      Nicole Gionet and Aaron Kahn
      Laura Gipson
      Jane Glass
      Rochelle and Bernard Goffe
      Jill Golden
      Marilynn Goo
      Phyllis Goodman
      Josh and Kalli Goodwin
      Judith Ray Gordon and Lance Sobel
      Mike and Katherine Gordon
      Jack Gossett and Rebecca Evans
      Barry Gourley
      Wendy Graff and Darryl Price
      Heather Graham
      Joan Graham
      Stanley Graham
      Katherine Graubard and William Calvin
      Ireta Graube
      Miriam Gray
      Catherine and George Greer
      Basil and Verena Grieco
      Anne Groom
      Julia and Christopher Grose
      Barbara Gross and Jim Fiero
      Barbara Gross
      Bonnie and Kurt Gustafson
      Robert Guth
      Suzanne Guthrie
      Leslie Hagin and Michael Subit
      Dory and Ray Hamlyn
      Migee Han
      Donna Handly
      Ron Hanlon
      Joan Hansen
      Kara Hansen
      Andrew and Stephen Haris
      Susan Harney
      Greg Harrington
      Marcella Harrold
      Lorraine and Dennis Hartmann
      Mary Hashimoto
      Amy Haugerud
      Olga Hauptman
      Carrie Hawthorne and Tom Neill
      Faith Hayes and Julia Ringrose
      Debra Hays
      Emerson Heald
      Irene Hecht
      Lora Heiny and Rhys Sorenson-Graff
      Karin Helmich and Robin Muench
      Nancy Henderson and George Oakley
      Barbara Henon and Richard Shilling
      Nancy Heymann
      Lee Hickok and Sharon Loomis
      Rachel, Bob, Spencer and Mary Hildie
      Deborah Hill and Bret Taylor
      Samara Hoag and Jeanne Dorn
      Michael and Janka Hobbs
      Melvin and Betty Hochhalter
      Judith Hoefer and Anne Cunha
      John Hogan
      Kate Hokanson
      Dick Holcomb
      Joanne Holcomb
      Christine Hollinger
      Brian Holsclaw
      William Hood
      Stephen and Patty Hopps
      Cheryl Horsley
      Carol Hosford
      Mary Hotchkiss
      Christian Houck
      Deborah Howard
      Fred and Jeanne Howard
      Judith Howard
      Larry Hubbell
      Rick and Margaret Hudson
      Rick Hudson
      Linda Hunt
      Wendy Hutchins
      Brooke and Annacora Ike
      Jeremy and Leah Im
      Laura Imeson
      Jamie Ingle
      Claire Jackson
      Fiona and Jim Jackson
      Anne Jacobs and Keith Mccandless
      Katrin Jaenicke
      Mari Jalbing
      Catherine and Jake Jaramillo
      James Jarosz
      Wendy John
      Lewis Johnson
      Sandra Jolley
      Peter Jones
      Warren Jones
      Marcia Jordan
      Kristin Jorgensen
      Carolyn Judd
      Margot Kadesch
      Dysa Kafoury
      Clifford Kahn
      Maria and Stuart Kahn
      Lily Kahng
      Jessica Kahoon
      Eric Kaminetzky
      Sylvia Kantor
      William Karger
      Nancy Kaynor
      Druscilla Keenan
      Dan Kelleher
      Kathy Kelly
      Kim, Katie and Joe Kelly
      Thomas Kelly
      Gary Kelsberg and Sarah Safranek
      Seth L Kelsey
      Dianne Kelso
      Geri Kennedy
      Ruth and Harold Kephart
      Michael Keplinger and Laura Stone
      Ann and Dr. William Keppler
      Marc Cohen and Karey, Jonah and Reuben Kessler
      Tracy Kessler
      Reiley Kidd
      Alicia Booyeon Kim and Theodore, Oliver and Alexander Lee
      Anne and Scott Kirk
      Burt and Teresa Kirson
      Jacqueline Kiser
      Dr. Suzanne Klein
      Alan Klockars
      Prudence and Robert Kluckhohn
      Daniel and Elizabeth Knight
      Phillip Knight
      Kristin Knopf and Brian Hanners
      Gloria Koch and David Thompson
      Donna Koerker
      Marianne Kogon and Madeline Smith
      Mary and Allan Kollar
      Kent Koprowicz
      Susan Korn
      Renee Koval-Huenuqueo
      Penny, David, and Emily Koyama
      John Kozol Jr
      Elana Kupor
      Colleen Lafferty

      Micheal Lamoreaux
      Susan Landgraf
      Phillip Lane
      Joseph Langenhan
      Breanna Langston
      Melissa Larson
      Gary Lasater
      Mary, Jack, Scott and Sara Lasley
      Pierre and Eileen Lauzon
      Dick Lazeres and Jenny Forbes
      John Lee
      Marie Legaz-Whitley
      Martha Leigh
      Michael and Allison Lekas
      Jessica Leppaluoto
      Ann Lev and Kathleen Morgan
      Olga Levaniouk
      Adam Levasseur
      Helen Levine
      John and Fran Lewis
      James Liebert
      Chelsea Liekhus-Schmaltz
      Michelle and Marc Linafelter
      Tor and Tiffany Linbo
      Maureen Linehan
      Mary Ann Lipinski
      Kathleen Lofstedt
      John Lombard
      Jane Lommel
      Andrea Lorig
      Marti Louther
      Jeff Lowery and Susan Schreyer
      Claire and Kurt Lucke
      Robin Lutton and Derek Pratt
      Lis Lutz
      Lori Macdonald
      Carol Macilroy
      John Mackean
      Melinda Mackey-O’Brien
      Edith Maffeo
      Jeffrey and Barbara Mandula
      Al Mangold and Myra Dittes
      Bob Mannheimer and Jane Hutchings
      Therese Martaus
      Bernard and Louise Martell
      Rita Martello
      Melodie Martin
      Sarah Martin
      Nancy Matlock
      Kate and Ralph Maughan
      Martha Maurer
      Ellen Maxson
      Ronald Mays
      Michael Mcauliffe
      Jason Mcclain
      Jay Mccrary
      Bonnie Mcdonald
      Genelle Mcdonald
      Jerome Mcfadden and Sharon Davidoff
      Lafaye and Robert Mcferrin
      Louise Mcgrody
      Gordon Mchenry Jr
      Gayle Mchenry-Teller
      Laurie Mckay and Robert Michelson
      John Mclaughlin
      Kirk Mclean
      Lonny Mcmichal
      Louise Mcnerney and Jan Sobieralski
      Patricia Mcshea
      Laurie Medill
      Dhruv Mehta
      Harriet Mendels
      Gail and John Mensher
      Steve and Katie Messick
      Bettimae and Frank Metheny
      Elizabeth and Joe Miles
      Christy Miller
      Debbie Shank and Terry Miller
      George Miller
      Mary Miller
      Nancy Miller
      Betsy Minden
      Frank Minton
      Michelle and Andy Mizuki
      Paramita Mookherjee and Mykyta and Dmitriy Synytskyy
      Hartley and Neesa Moore
      Maela J Moore
      Scott Moore
      Rhonda Morales
      Chelsey Morar
      Jarold Morgan and Jennifer Kauffman
      Joshua Morris and Matthew Coomer
      Rhonda and Timothy Morris
      Nancy Morrison
      Mary Moser and Mike Hayes
      Jo and Sam Moss
      Tyler Moss
      Susan and Harold Mozer
      Gary Mudd
      Lolita Mueller
      Stefany Muller
      Fred Munro and Karin Cathey
      James Murphy
      Alan and Linda Murray
      Ruth Mynar
      Kelli Nakayama and Jay and Ryuichi Yamakawa
      Donna Naruo
      Lee and John Michael Neff
      Michael Neill
      Glenn Nelson and Florangela Davila
      Heidi Nelson
      Sharon Nelson
      Joyce Ness
      Gabrielle Nicas
      Stuart Niven
      Judith and Tom Noble
      Richard Nordby
      Rebecca Norton and Craig Miller
      Charles and Susan Novak
      Donna Oberembt
      Janet and Tom O’Callahan
      Lucinda O’Halloran
      James and Young O’Hanlon
      Shari Okada
      Mark Olsoe
      Brad Olson
      Jessica Olson
      Michele and Samuel Osborne
      John Ostermann
      Robert Ostermann
      Mary Elaine O’Sullivan
      George and Terry Pagos
      Wayne Palsson
      David and Maria Paly
      D.C. Parish
      Linda Park
      Susan Partnow and James Peckenpaugh
      Ann and Dallas Pasley
      Jonathan Pavey
      Patricia Pavia
      Ruth Pelz
      Nancy Penrose
      Janet Penta
      Daniel and Vangie Pepper
      Carol and Patricia Perron
      Patricia Peters
      Karen Petersen
      Theano Petersen
      Ellen Peterson
      Joy Peterson
      Linda Peterson
      Todd and Chris Peterson
      Samuel Pettis
      Lesley Petty
      Gloria Pfeif
      Katrina Pflaumer
      Daniel Phillips
      Sarah Philo and Trey Sorrells
      Deric Picton
      Todd Picton
      Erica Pierson
      Catherine Pihoker Vanderwilt and William Vanderwilt
      Louise Pitell
      Harriet Platts
      Lawrence Plummer and Gretchen Fennema
      Derek and Kimberly Porter
      Suzanne Porter
      Bruce Portzer
      Sarah Potter and Ken Anderson
      Terry Pottmeyer and Geoff Trowbridge
      Tom and Marilyn Price
      Nancy and Marc Provence
      Christina Purdy
      Greg and Megan Pursell
      Brian James Radabaugh
      Amy Radil
      Daniel and Barbara Radin
      Barbara and Douglas Ragee
      Stephanie Ragland
      Grace Rajendran
      Dora and Amit Rajkhowa
      Matthew Ramme and Erin Fortier
      Rosemary Rasp
      Lori Rath
      John Reed and Karen Overstreet
      Lois Regen
      Robert K Reid
      Sarah Jane Reid
      Elizabeth Renkor
      Chris Rich
      Jeanelle Richardson
      Carla Rickerson
      Paula Riggert
      Mary Riley and Susan Paro
      Leslie Rinnan
      Rita Riojas
      Liz Ritzenthaler
      Helen Roberts
      Jo Ann and Jim Roberts
      Donna Robinett
      Michael Roe
      Robert Roemer
      Leslie and John Rogers
      Mary Rogers
      Dr. Elizabeth Rogg
      Elizabeth Romney
      Donald and Joanne Rosen
      Fernne Rosenblatt
      Daniel Rosenthal and Kari Ann Hailey
      Aaron, Miriam and Samuel Roskin
      William Ross and Roberta Feins
      Kathryn and Donald Rule
      Pam and Dan Russell
      Marcia Rutan and Carl Woestwin
      Steven Rutherford
      Geoffrey Rutledge
      Peter Sabin
      Tracy Salter
      Margaret Sanderlin
      Chris Sanders
      Cathy Sarkowsky
      Mark Satterly
      Jaclyn and Richard Saunders
      Bonnie Savo
      Mike and Beverly Schaefer
      Sandra Schaffer
      Christine Scheele, Devin Parmenter, Sam Scheele and Jeff Parmenter
      Alicia and Bill Schmidt
      Sheryl Schmode
      Jeffrey and Mira Schoening
      Patricia Schreibe
      Nicole Schultz
      Valerie Schurman
      Nancy Schutt
      Jacqueline Schwartz
      Jennifer and George Scott
      Michael Scupine
      Susan Segalla
      Sue and Howard Selmer
      Karen, Scott and Junior Semyan
      Jane Sepede
      Tara Shadduck, Stephen Wangen and Roman and Lucia Shadduck
      Sharrie Shade
      Margaret Shannon
      Sarah Shapiro
      Kenneth Sharaga
      Karen and Rick Shea
      Celia Shelden
      Rose Sheppard
      Ronald and Deejah Sherman-Peterson
      Linda Shultz and Larry Chazen
      Tom and Carol Sibley
      Alex, Constance and John Sidles
      Edward and Ben Siegel
      Robert and Ellen Sieh
      Paul Silver and Christina Marra
      Charles Simenstad and Stephanie Martin
      Kirsten Simonitsch
      Elizabeth Sims
      Phillip Singer
      Carol Singler
      Danna Siverts
      Amanda Skerski
      Arn and Kathy Slettebak
      Andrew Smith
      Elaine Smith
      Eric Smith
      Ethan Smith
      Eugenia Smith
      Kathleen and George Smith
      Warren and Nancy Smith
      Margaret and Ronald Snell
      Nicholas and Katy Snyder
      Gary and Janet Somers
      Rhonda Sommer
      Lynn Sousa
      Diane Spaulding
      Celese and John Spencer
      Helen and Thomas Spiro
      Andra Sramek
      Kathy Stahl
      Gloria Staman
      Barbara Stampfl
      Claudia Steinman
      Ellen and Jack Stephens
      Mary Ann Stewart
      Charles and Susan Stillman
      Jeffrey and Elizabeth Stonehill
      Beth and Harry Stovall
      Liz and George Strain
      Priscilla Strand
      Winifred and Carter Stratton
      Becky Street
      Margaret Strong
      Jon and Judith Struss
      John Suciu
      Odette Sueda
      Amy and Hailey Summe
      Prentis Dave Sumrall
      Lea Sund
      Shelley Sutton
      Tracey Svendsen
      Elizabeth Swann
      Amy and Caleb Swanson
      Nelda Swiggett
      Stephanie Sykes
      Wendy Sykes
      Gary Takasumi
      Anne Takekawa
      Kristoffer Tangen
      Paul Tankel
      Bernice Tannenbaum
      Doug Taylor and Martha Holt
      Ralph and Jeanette Teague
      Carolyn Terry
      Toby Thaler and Becky Sukovaty
      William Thayer
      Ashley Thomas
      Ester Thomas
      Susan Thompson and John Rehr
      Diane Thompson
      Lynn Thompson
      Richard and Diana Thompson
      Eric Thorsen and M. Brinclund
      Rose Thygesen
      Joan Tierney and David Tierney-Chaws
      Judy Tomassene
      Maria Tong
      Donald and Myrna Torrie
      David and Christine Towne
      Julia Tracy
      Maureen Traxler
      Trisha and John Tubbs
      Stacy Tucker
      Judy Tyson
      Richard and Donella Ulmer
      Tjitske and Pieter Van Der Meulen
      Timi and Brian Vann
      Becky, Stuart, Ethan and Finn Voboril
      Brian and Cory Volkert
      James Vucinovich
      Bryon Wada
      Wendy Wade
      Beverly Wagener
      Patricia Wahl Ttee
      Wendy and Andrew Walker
      Cynthia and John Wallace
      Timothy and Christine Walsh
      Claire Waltman
      Cynthia Wang and Les Beletsky
      Joy Wannamaker
      Alan Ward
      Virginia Warfield and Roscius Doan
      Carol and David Watts
      Carol Waymack
      Steve and Lisa Weatherholt
      Barbara Webster
      Frederick Webster
      Jacquinot and R.G. Weisenbach
      Mark Welegala
      Herbert and Sharlene Welsh
      Joella Werlin
      Nancy and Joel Wessenberg
      Martha West
      Jo Ella and Myron Weybright
      Nancy Whitlock
      Victoria Whitnah
      Patti Wickham
      Laura Wideburg
      Margarita Wilde
      Rich Wilkens
      Margaret and John Williams
      Nicholas Williams
      Mary Willy
      Sachi Wilson
      Ruth Windhover
      Amy and Brian Windrope
      Harriet Winkelman
      John Winkler
      Lee and Emily Winstrom
      Michael Witter and Lizzie Zemke
      Gary Witzel
      Gilman Wong
      Thomas Wong
      Martha Wood
      Stanton Wood
      Patricia and Philip Woollcott
      Nicolette Wright
      Wendy Wright
      Chenghsien Wu
      Luke Wylie
      Susan Yates
      Mitch and Gail Yockey
      Kyle Yokiel
      Janice Young and Jim Wurzer
      Katherine and Mark Young
      John and Margaret Zahorjan and Karen Rice
      Daniel Zak and Anisha Shankar
      Joy and Michael Ziemann
      Jerry Zimmerman and Jane Stevens
      Anonymous (60)

      American Goldfinch - Ronda Miller


      This special group of households are leaving a lasting legacy and commitment to Seattle Audubon by listing Seattle Audubon in their will or estate plan.


      Our Rare Birds have demonstrated their long-term commitment to local birds. We are grateful for their loyal membership for 20+ years. 


      AmazonSmile Foundation
      Betty J. Pierce Charitable Fund
      The Bullitt Foundation
      Fancy Fronds
      Flying Bike Cooperative Brewery
      Grounds for Change
      HomeLight, Inc
      Horizons Foundation
      Jackson Jills Golf Club
      Louden Family Foundation
      Lucky Seven Foundation
      Madrona Nursery
      Metropolitan Improvement District
      National Association of Letter Carriers
      National Audubon Society
      National Fish and Wildlife Foundation
      Neoleukin Therapeutics
      Spur Experiences
      Tadpole Haven
      The Rodman Foundation
      Tilth Alliance
      TisBest Philanthropy
      Treeline Foundation
      Urban Raptor Conservancy
      Vashon-Maury Island Audubon


      Abbott Labratories
      Adobe Matching Gifts
      Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
      Boeing Matching Gifts Program
      Chubb Charitable Foundation
      Expedia Inc.
      Google Matching Gifts Program
      Intel Foundation
      Microsoft Corporation
      Nordstrom Headquarters
      Starbucks Coffee Company
      Wright Runstad & Company

      American Goldfinch - Ronda Miller


      Adrianne Allen and Martin Shorb
      Christopher Barnes
      Darcy Barry
      Diane Bates
      Sharon Birks
      Lori Birtley
      Nancy and Stephen Bissell
      Gary Breidenstein
      Kelly and Amalie Brenner
      Jerry and Audrey Bricker
      Joanne Burtch
      Shawn Chambless
      Denis Charles
      Jim and Diana Cheairs
      Jacob Clark
      Colin Clauset
      Patricia and Dennis Conlon
      Terri Conner
      Mary K Cooper
      Marcia Cortese
      Karen Costarella
      Teresa Davidson
      Jennifer Davis
      Martha and Jay Davis
      Jean and Larry Doering
      Nancy Dorey
      Beth Duncan
      Todd Ellersick
      Maureen E Ellis
      Stephen Elston
      Erin Estep
      Lukas and Matt Evans
      Carol Fahrenbruch and James Pridgeon
      Sondra Firestein
      Praise Fordham
      Joyce Fowler
      Gail Fox
      William French
      Serena Friedman
      Donna Gathany
      Vanessa Gemmell
      Cory Gillespie
      Jane Glass
      John Gossman and Jacki Roberts
      Ernest and Sheila Grillo
      Elizabeth Griswold
      Nancy Grout
      Heather Grube
      Carolyn Heberlein

      Lora Heiny and Rhys Sorenson-Graff
      Melvin and Betty Hochhalter
      Christine Hollinger
      Jeremy and Leah Im
      Claire Jackson
      Kristin Jorgensen
      Clifford Kahn
      Polly and Andrew Kenefick
      Alicia Booyeon Kim and Theodore, Oliver and Alexander Lee
      Victoria and James King
      Phillip Knight
      Shawna Leader and Thomas Stimac
      Andre Lochin
      Emily Lui
      Sheila Lukehart
      Karen Lynch
      Lori MacDonald
      Rita Martello
      Ellen Maxson
      Jay McCrary
      Diane McCutcheon
      Jerome McFadden and Sharon Davidoff
      Danny McGregor
      Michelle and Andy Mizuki
      Linda and Jaime Mullen
      Marcia Mullins
      Theresa Naujack
      David and Laura Nicol
      Richard Nordby
      Paul E Oker
      Kelly O’Rourke
      Susan Partnow and James Peckenpaugh
      Patricia Pavia
      Eleanor Peavey
      Daniel Phillips
      Louise Pitell
      Chris Prall
      Jeff Puchalski
      Carol Roll and John Richer
      Frances Rondestvedt
      Frederic Rowley and Peggy Peterson
      Karen Ruppert
      Andrew Schepers
      Abhishek and Meenakshi Sen
      Linda Shultz and Larry Chazen
      Tom and Carol Sibley
      Erich Skoor
      Elaine Smith
      Russ and Doreen Snow
      John Spoden
      Liz and George Strain
      Thomas and Deborah Tokarz
      Jocelyn Ungar
      Becky, Stuart, Ethan and Finn Voboril
      Tammy VuPham
      Wendy and Andrew Walker
      Cynthia Wang and Les Beletsky
      Beverly Wessel
      Martha West
      Sachi Wilson
      Gary Witzel
      Karen Wosilait
      Koji and Luke Yugawa and Amanda Cohn
      Daniel Zak and Anisha Shankar


      Alexander Sowers and Louis Kreemer
      Alison Wysong
      Amanda Virbitsky
      Candi Coe
      Dawn Carey
      Donald W Tomlinson
      Heather Graham
      Jill Ericsson
      Kris and Tim Rich
      Linda and Harvey Carroll
      Martha Wychoff and Jerry Tone
      Mary Price
      Roberta Hopkins
      Robot Adlbert Cary
      Russell Steele
      Shannon Bailey
      Spencer and Ty Braden & family
      The Stednick/Sherwood Family
      Tony Hewitt
      Virginia Morrison


      Antoni Sobieralski
      Barbara Jean Allen
      Bob Sundstrom
      Derek Buchner
      Diane Renstrom
      Flo and Ray Hert
      Jean Mills
      Joan Killingsworth
      Joseph Kennedy
      Karlla Sander
      Kenton Slaven
      Leland Petersen
      Marilyn Sandall
      Marjorie Jones
      Paul McKillop
      Phyllis “Gig” Kroke
      Russ and Cynthia
      Sallie Sylliaasen
      Sean Hickey
      Steve Hallstrom
      Susanne Stoddard and Mary Cooper
      Tad Wada
      Thais Bock


      Andrew Schepers
      Anna Dukes
      Anthony Floyd
      Anthony Hewitt
      Brett Eaton
      Carol Roll
      Cheryl Tseo
      Christine Scheele
      Claire Catania
      Colin Carter
      Delaney Anderson
      Elliott Tseo
      Fiona McCarey
      Gage and Quinn

      Glenn Nelson
      Grace Rajendran
      Hanae Bettencourt
      Jason Shields
      Joan Tierney
      Joanne Burtch
      Karen Morse
      Katie Amrhein
      Linda Mullen
      Luke Wylie
      Mark Egger
      Mary Longhurst
      Michelle Flowers
      Monika Shields

      Patricia Miller
      Patrick Claussen
      Paul Castonguay
      Robin Lutton
      Russ Steele
      Sara Klee
      SJ Reid
      Sofia Cano
      Sonora Troger
      Violet Tseo
      Wendy Ni
      Wendy Walker
      Yoon Lee



      Brett Eaton, Education Award
      Judy Bowes, Conservation and Science Awards
      Etta Cosey, President’s Award
      Grace Rajendran, Hero of the Flock


      Brett Eaton receiving the Education Award from Hanae Bettencourt | Kimberle Stark


      Volunteers are recognized when their efforts reach milestones of the number of hours contributed. People named below were active volunteers between January 2021–June 2022.

      100+ Hours
      Cinny Burrell
      Anthony Catanzaro
      Patricia Conlon
      Deborah Dain
      Betsy Donahue
      Clair Ervin
      Shelley Evans
      Lynn Graves
      Julia Hansbrough
      Carol Hartung
      Peter Hodum
      Larry Hubbell
      Anne Jacobs
      Andrew Jacobson
      Neal Komedal
      Louis Kreemer
      Yoon Lee
      Marti Louther
      Susan Marks
      Robert Martin
      Andrew McCormick
      Jennifer McKeirnan
      Berl Nussbaum
      Nathaniel Peters
      Karina Rose
      Andrew Schepers
      Michael Seamans
      Suzannah Yu
      Koji Yugawa

      250+ Hours
      Rodney Brown
      Stephanie Burkemoore
      Katherine Carson
      Elaine Chuang
      Etta Cosey
      Michael Cross
      Nancy Edmondson
      Sharon Ellard
      George Gerdts
      Jane Glass
      Nancy Jones

      250+ Hours
      Jennifer Kunitsugu
      Dennis Lund
      Barbara Mandula
      Dan McDougall-Treacy
      Tom Merritt
      Karen Morse
      Kersti Muul
      Whitney Neufeld-Kaiser
      Nancy Provence
      Kimberle Stark
      Maureen Traxler

      500+ Hours
      Elaine Anderson
      Lee Barnes
      Matt Bartels
      Penny Bolton
      Vasiliki Demas
      Laurie Ann Dudley
      Deborah Heiden
      Dick Holcomb
      Jonathan Houghton
      Dick Lazeres
      Anna Martin
      Kimberly McCormick
      John Pauw
      Jane Sepede
      Joe Sweeney
      Susan Yates

      750+ Hours
      Helen Gilbert
      Alan Grenon
      Tiffany Linbo
      Henry Noble
      Sarah Peden
      Lynne Smith

      1000+ Hours
      Dennis Conlon
      Raelene Gold
      James Owens
      Robert Sieh
      Arn Slettebak

      1000+ Hours
      Kathleen Slettebak
      David Swayne
      Martha Taylor
      Jean Trent
      Isadora Arévalo-Wong

      1500+ Hours
      Linda Anchondo
      Phyllis Moss
      Judith Roan

      2000+ Hours
      Pam Cahn
      Colene McKee
      Barbara Webster

      2500+ Hours
      Jill Ericsson
      Rebecca Evans

      3000+ Hours
      Alison Wysong
      Neil Zimmerman 

      3500+ Hours
      Jan Bragg
      Teri Martine

      4000+ Hours
      Constance Sidles

      4500+ Hours
      Virginia Bound
      Steve Dang
      Mary Anne Thorbeck 

      7500+ Hours
      Virginia Morrison