We hope you—our loyal members—enjoy this issue of EarthCare Northwest, all about bird and nature photography. It’s not just the images, but also the stories and considerations behind capturing the shot that makes this issue worth a read!

Ethics in Bird and Wildlife Photography

Local wildlife photographer Kamriell Welty shares her experiences capturing beautiful bird images while respecting and protecting wildlife and the land, and educating others on ways to minimize impact to her subjects.

Birds of the Skagit

The Skagit Valley draws photographers from all over the world, but fall is a special time specifically for bird photographers. Explore these beautiful images captured by local photographers in this region filled with species diversity. 

Disability and Bird Photography

Out a friend’s window, from her car, on a scooter, and at her doorstep are some of the many ways Monique McClure enjoys watching and photographing birds. As someone with a disability, she explains how she came to love birds, and how greater accessibility in the outdoors is something we can all consider and support.

The Good, the Bad, and the Blurry

We’ve all done it, pulled out our smartphone to capture an image of a bird, and it didn’t turn out as planned. Claire Jackson talks us through a few creative ideas to utilize those blurry photos, and some simple ways to improve your shot for next time.


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Image credits: Bald Eagle by Mitzi Gellman, Audubon Photography Awards | Barred Owl by Kamriell Welty | American Kestrel by Soo Baus | Song Sparrow by Monique McClure | Smartphone by Carol Roll | Pacific Wren by Mason Maron, Canva