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The Board of Directors seeks a Board Treasurer


If you are someone with nonprofit experience or a background in finance, we are looking for you to join our board in support of Seattle Audubon’s mission to advocate and organize for cities where people and birds thrive. Our Board of Directors plays a vital role in ensuring Seattle Audubon has the strategic direction and necessary resources to create a sustainable community. 

We are currently recruiting for all board positions, and specifically for a Treasurer. Individuals with prior experience as an accountant or CPA are highly desirable, but this experience is not required for the Treasurer role on our board.

You would be a great fit if:

    • You can work with a financial team to understand the organization’s financial results and communicate to the board.
    • You feel comfortable reviewing spreadsheets and financial reports.
    • You would enjoy collaborating with Seattle Audubon’s finance team, which includes volunteer CPAs serving on the Finance Committee, a contract accountant who is a CPA, the Operations Manager staff member, and the organization’s auditors.
    • You want to have a positive impact locally on conservation priorities that benefit birds and people through your board leadership and service.
    • You desire to help shape the future of a legacy conservation organization that is committed to actively working toward an anti-racist future.

To learn more about the Treasurer position or connect us with a promising candidate, please email us at: governance@seattleaudubon.org

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We are actively recruiting for our Board of Directors