The MOHAI Mercantile removes “Audubon” merchandise (courtesy MOHAI)

When our birds and conservation organization announced that it was removing “Audubon” from its name because of its association with a racist history, another nonprofit also removed “Audubon,” in solidarity.

The shop at the Museum of History & Industry, the MOHAI Mercantile, removed “Audubon” from its shelves.

“The MOHAI Mercantile is committed to supporting Seattle Audubon in its pursuit of an inclusive, antiracist future and the decision to drop ‘Audubon’ from the organization’s name,” shop manager Stacie Ford-Bonnelle said. “The MOHAI Mercantile encourages the community to support Seattle Audubon in its rebranding efforts.”

The Mercantile has pulled the graphic novel, “Audubon: On the Wings of the World” from its shelves and has stricken the word “Audubon” from the tags of all related plushies and merchandise. Ford-Bonnelle has written suppliers to re-consider use of the “Audubon” brand.

Ford-Bonnelle said she heard about the decision to remove “Audubon” from a customer in the Mercantile who is a member of the Seattle chapter.

In the near future, the Mercantile, where MOHAI members enjoy 15% savings, and the Seattle chapter’s Nature Shop will begin selling t-shirts with the temporary strikethrough Seattle Audubon logo.

For more background on the name change and how to participate:

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