As the days become shorter, and the leaves begin turning gold and red, many local birds are preparing for their fall migratory journey. We are pleased to share with our Seattle Audubon members this issue of EarthCare Northwest, focused on the beauty and challenges of migration.

Science for Conservation: Introducing the Seattle Bird Collision Monitoring Project

Volunteers started patrolling the streets of Seattle this month looking for dead birds. Data generated from their efforts will help Seattle Audubon understand the bird-glass collision issue at a local level, and develop effective conservation solutions.

Wanderlust: Incredible journeys by fascinating birds

Changes in organ placement, personality, or the ability to nap mid-flight are some of the incredible ways birds have adapted to prepare for their bi-annual migratory journeys.

Migration: Inspiring authors, photographers, and makeup artists alike 

Seattle Audubon Board Member, Grace Rajendran, has a passion for books and birds. She interviewed the authors of Pacific Flyway, a book about waterbird migration, and then used her creativity to create makeup looks inspired by some beautiful migratory birds.



Thursday, October 21, 12-1:30pm

Seattle Audubon’s Program Meeting will spotlight BirdCast and bird migration forecasts with Andrew Farnsworth. 

Image credits: Short-eared Owl by Boe Baty, Seattle Audubon–Seattle Times Photo Contest | Canada Geese by Sujata Roy, Seattle Audubon–Seattle Times Photo Contest | Bird imprint on window by 22kay22, Getty Images | Wilson’s Warbler by Mick Thompson, Audubon Photography Awards | Western Grebe by Melissa Groo, Audubon Photography Awards | BirdCast forecast