Angelina Villalobos standing outside The Nature Shop windows with her collision deterrent artwork now installed.

Bird-safe and Beautiful

The Nature Shop windows are sporting a new look these days. As part of our work for Bird-safe Cities we commissioned a design by Seattle artist, muralist, and community connector, Angelina Villalobos (artist 179). Her design was created, not only to look attractive on the windows, but also to act as a collision deterrent, helping birds detect glass and avoid a strike. 

While Angelina completed the design this winter, we had to wait for install until we had consistently warmer temperatures so the decal would adhere properly to the windows. We were able to share the results of the install at a small unveiling ceremony for Angelina on June 29. It was a perfect coming together of creativity, conservation, and generosity. 

AlphaGraphics Seattle did the important work of preparing the glass and adhering the decal design to The Nature Shop windows. Photos of the full installation process can be found here.

Angelina sees her design for the Nature Shop windows unveiled for the first time by Seattle Audubon’s Urban Conservation Manager, Joshua Morris.

The unveiling ceremony was attended by (from left to right) Jen McKeirnan, Board President; Claire Catania, Executive Director; Angelina Villalobos, Artist; Josh Morris, Urban Conservation Manager; and Deb Heiden, Conservation Committee Chair.

As we prepare for the safe reopening of The Nature Shop in August, we know these new window designs will welcome back our community and inspire them to take action to make our cities safter for birds.

Come by The Nature Shop to see the new windows, enjoy the bird song, and pick up your favorite collision deterrent to install on your windows at home.


More than one billion birds die in North America each year from window collisions.

Take action today:

  1. Treat your windows with collision deterrant. Help birds see windows.
  2. Report dead or injured birds using Seattle Audubon uses dBird data to track causes of bird mortality and injury.
  3. Support the Bird-Safe Buildings Act and email your representatives.
  4. Donate to Seattle Audubon as we continue to invest significant resources into the issue of bird glass collisions at a local level.
Mural by Angelina Villalobos

The Inspiration Behind Angelina's Design

Read more about Angelina’s creative process to create an effective and attractive design for The Nature Shop.

Thank you to Jim and Birte Falconer

Read more about the $100,000 gift by Jim and Birte Falconer to fund Seattle Audubon’s Bird-safe Cities program. This collision deterrent art installation is one component of this ongoing program to reduce urban hazards to birds.