Bird-window collision dust print at Seattle University / Joshua Morris / Seattle Audubon

2021 may be the year the Bird-Safe Buildings Act takes flight.

Bird-window collisions are a serious conservation concern, killing up to one billion birds each year in the United States. That makes windows the second largest human-related direct cause of bird deaths.

The good news is that window collisions are preventable. That’s why every year since 2011, Representative Mike Quigley from Illinois has collaborated with experts from the American Bird Conservancy to introduce the bipartisan Bird-Safe Buildings Act (H.R. 1986 / S. 791).

The Bird-Safe Buildings Act would require any public building constructed, acquired, or substantially altered by the General Services Administration to meet bird-safe building standards.

Last year, the Bird-Safe Buildings Act was co-sponsored by 46 House Representatives, only two of which were from Washington State (thank you, Reps. Jayapal and DelBene!). Where was Rep. Rick Larson on this issue? Or Rep. Adam Smith? Or Rep. Kim Schrier? And where do Senators Cantwell and Murray stand? This year, let’s make sure all our legislators know there is strong public support for bird-safe buildings!

There has never been a more urgent time to support the Bird-Safe Buildings Act. Our birds face numerous threats. Reducing glass hazards on public buildings is an important part of protecting our birds for future generations.

We’ve made it easy to email your legislators. In just a couple of clicks, you can urge your senators and house representative to support the Bird-Safe Buildings Act.

Will you help make public buildings safer for birds by asking your U.S. legislators to support of the Bird-safe Buildings Act?

Buildings should be safe for birds.

Urge your U.S. Legislators to co-sponsor and support the Bird-Safe Buildings Act today.