For a long time, Seattle Audubon has used our environmental education, community science, and conservation programs to engage our community in their journey to appreciate, understand, and protect birds. We believe that there are infinite ways to take action on behalf of birds.

In our new strategic plan, one area we have been inspired to change across the organization is breaking down the silos that once existed between our education, science, and conservation programs. We aim instead to infuse conservation messaging and action opportunities into all of our programs.

You can see this priority displayed in many of our current organizational goals:

  • Aligning Nature Shop inventory with current conservation priorities and organizational values.
  • Serving conservation initiatives with community science program outputs.
  • Incorporating age-appropriate conservation messaging and age-appropriate direct action in our children’s programming.
  • Ending all adult gatherings, like program meetings, classes, and field trips with a call to action.

This reorganization is on display in the “Our Work” section of our new website, which now highlights Urban Conservation, Regional Initiatives, and Equity & Justice, rather than the previously siloed programs. This more accurately reflects how all our program activities are nested within the new strategic plan. However, that doesn’t mean those programs are going away, but rather, they are now enhanced with urban conservation guiding their growth.