Image credit: City of Seattle

Image credit: Cit y of Seattle

Seattle Audubon is not party to any lawsuit regarding the redevelopment plan at Fort Lawton.

At least two groups have filed lawsuits since November 2019 opposing the planned redevelopment at the site adjacent to Discovery Park in the Magnolia neighborhood. Some in the community have claimed that Seattle Audubon or its staff members are party to the complaints. This is untrue.

Our Conservation Committee has reviewed the suit filed on behalf of a group of concerned citizens calling themselves the Native Wildlife Protective Organization, which challenges the City’s redevelopment plan based on claims of potential impacts to the nearby Great Blue Heron rookery. The Conservation Committee recommended that Seattle Audubon not participate in the suit and expressed their willingness to work with the City to make sure the new development reduces hazards to birds. 

Seattle Audubon envisions Seattle as a place where both people and birds thrive. We evaluate issues with the understanding that we must balance the needs of people with the needs of birds and nature. Addressing our city’s housing affordability and homelessness crises must be part of our environmental agenda. It’s not only the right thing to do; housing unsheltered and lower-income neighbors benefits our public parks and natural areas.