Dear Seattle Audubon Community,

As a devoted supporter and member of Seattle Audubon, you will want to know that our executive director, John Brosnan, has accepted a management position with King County Department of Natural Resources and Parks. John will be focused on a plan to improve water-quality management for all of us who live or work in King County. Naturally, the board, staff, and I are delighted when we see a new opportunity open for someone we like and respect as we do John. At the same time, the loss of his leadership will be felt by all of us.

During his three years with Seattle Audubon, John worked closely with our professional staff to expand our programs, bolster the organization’s finances, implement a comprehensive strategic plan, continue our commitment to administrative transparency, and reinforce our relationships with the National Audubon Society and other urban chapters. Because of John and our committed staff, Seattle Audubon has strengthened its foundation, and we can look forward to a continuation of our proud century-long legacy as Washington State’s longest-serving environmental conservation organization.

We have a succession plan in place and have begun efforts to recruit a new executive director immediately. In the meantime, Claire Catania, our development director, has agreed to serve as interim executive director. After five years of leadership with Seattle Audubon, and as a master birder, Claire aligns closely with our mission and the generous spirit of our community.

Thank you for your continued support of Seattle Audubon and the community and birds we serve. As we are fond of saying in the Audubon network, you are what hope looks like to a bird.

If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me.

Mark Greenfield, President
Seattle Audubon Board of Directors