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Our regional activities

Beyond our local, urban home, Birds Connect Seattle participates in a diverse array of regional initiatives and projects to support birds across the Pacific Flyway and beyond.

Christmas Bird Count

Established in 1900, the Christmas Bird Count (CBC) is the longest running community science survey in North American. Birds Connect Seattle has been coordinating the Seattle CBC for over 90 years. On a single chosen day in December, approximately 250 volunteers survey the 15-mile diameter count circle, centered in downtown Seattle, to identify and count anything with feathers and a pulse.

Climate Watch

Climate Watch is an innovative community-science program that enlists volunteer birders across North America to count certain target species twice each year. The data collected by volunteer scientists help track whether birds are moving in accordance with projections from Audubon’s climate models.

Martin Miller Fund

The Martin Miller Fund was started in 1987 for the purpose of acquiring habitat to be protected in perpetuity for plants, animals, birds, fish, and their ecosystems.

Puget Sound Seabird Survey

The Puget Sound Seabird Survey (PSSS) gathered valuable data on wintering seabird populations in Puget Sound, Strait of Juan de Fuca, and waters surrounding the San Juan Islands. The data collection portion of this project has been transferred to the Puget Sound Bird Observatory, and Birds Connect Seattle will now focus its resources on on data analysis.