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Birds Connect Seattle established the NextGen Council in the fall of 2018, to elevate the perspectives and expertise of young professionals and student activists (ages 18-39) in our work for birds and nature in the city. As a more than 100-year-old organization, Birds Connect Seattle has a rich history of conservation achievements, but our programs have not been sufficiently informed by or served diverse audiences. This is not the Birds Connect Seattle of the future. The strategic plan that is currently guiding our work includes an increased commitment to intentional collaboration with communities that have been excluded or sidelined by the mainstream environmental movements of the past. The NextGen Council is one part of these efforts. 

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What does the Council do?

The Council currently meets virtually either once or twice per month for 1.5 hours in total, generally in the evening. The frequency and schedule of meetings can fluctuate based on group members’ availability. Most members also belong to a subcommittee, currently focused on events for young people external to the group, as well as fun events for the Council to do together. We are open to adding more subcommittees or changing pre-existing ones.

Within the last few years, the Council has organized young adult bird walks and field trips, along with bird-themed trivia nights. It has also advised staff members on employing and engaging younger and more diverse audiences. In the near future, we are looking forward to continuing to advise, organizing more events, and expanding our offerings to engage more young and diverse audiences, including offering mentorship opportunities, movie nights, and more. We are always looking for new ideas and will look forward to hearing from new council members about their own ideas for future engagement opportunities.

Council members at a Beers for Birds trivia event in April 2022.

What are the benefits of being on the NextGen Council?

  • Connect with peers who have similar interests in birds and nature;
  • Opportunities for equity and justice trainings and practicing leadership skills;
  • Access to regular bird and nature outings with council members and the BCS community;
  • The satisfaction of supporting an organization that advocates and organizes for cities where people and birds thrive.

For general questions, please contact Education Manager, Hanae Bettencourt via email or phone at (206) 523-8243 ext. 108 (messages only).